Connecting the World with the Otherworldly


Connecting the World with the Otherworldly

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Readings & Services

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Mediumship Readings

Have you lost a loved one and are seeking comfort, peace of mind, or simply want to "check in" with them?  A Mediumship Reading will connect you with your loved ones in Spirit and bring forth healing messages from your loved ones. 

Psychic Readings

Have questions about your love life; career; or finances? A Psychic Reading will give you the insight you are looking for to see what changes you make to achieve the life you desire. 

Tarot Card Readings

Want to see what the cards have in stock for you? A Tarot Reading will give you information to help you make a decision you may need to make at this point in your life.  Or simply give you a bit of guidance to help you move forward with your goals in life. 


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✨Intensive Evidential Mediumship Program (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

✨Natural Mediumship (Arthur Findlay’s John Johnson)

✨Intensive Trance Mediumship (Arthur Findlay’s Tony Stockwell) 

 ✨Trance Mediumship (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

 ✨Mediumship (by Nancy Smith)

 ✨Mediumship 101 & 102 (by Graham Connolly)

 ✨Explore & Unfold Mediumship (by Sheila Clark, Elizabeth Robidoux, & Anita McMillen)

✨Psychic Crime Solvers (by Genevieve Hackett)

✨Tarot (by Ann Hentz, Sia Spade, Genevieve Hackett, Lady Irene, & American Tarot Association)

✨Pet Chakras (by Laurie Perkins)

✨Psychometry (by Laura Wooster)

✨Meditation (by Norman Shaw)

 ✨Shamanic Journey (by Lauren Rainbow)

✨Crystal Scrying (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

✨Water Charging (by Graham Connolly)


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