Liz Santana.  Mystic Moon Medium.

About Me

✨Liz Santana✨

I am a Lightworker helping those on their spiritual journey.  I offer spiritual guidance with love and compassion. Born an empath, I am able to tune into your heart and intuitively empower you to stand in your power.  I am a Spiritual Psychic with an open heart, ready to help you move forward in life.  As an Evidential Medium, I work with Spirit to bring healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit. 💖

Blue rose sprouting from concrete wall. Full Moon in background.


✨Intensive Evidential Mediumship Program (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

✨Natural Mediumship (Arthur Findlay’s John Johnson)

✨Intensive Trance Mediumship (Arthur Findlay’s Tony Stockwell) 

 ✨Trance Mediumship (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

 ✨Mediumship (by Nancy Smith)

 ✨Mediumship 101 & 102 (by Graham Connolly)

 ✨Explore & Unfold Mediumship (by Sheila Clark, Elizabeth Robidoux, & Anita McMillen)

✨Psychic Crime Solvers (by Genevieve Hackett)

✨Tarot (by Ann Hentz, Sia Spade, Genevieve Hackett, & American Tarot Association)

✨Pet Chakras (by Laurie Perkins)

✨Psychometry (by Laura Wooster)

✨Meditation (by Norman Shaw)

 ✨Shamanic Journey (by Lauren Rainbow)

✨Crystal Scrying (by Julie Ann Gadziala)

✨Water Charging (by Graham Connolly)